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Eeuwen, Twee Tafelzilver de Amsterdamse Zilversmeden Helweg 1753 - 1965  
Egger, Gerhart Generations of Jewelry  
Ennes, Pierre Histoire De La Table  
buy now Ensko, Stephen American Silversmiths And Their Marks New York: Dover Publications, Inc., 1983
Erardi, Glenn
Peck, Pauline C.
Mustache Cups: Timeless Victorian Treasures  
Evans, Dr. Joan Treasures of Oxford  
Failey, Dean F. Long Island is My Nation: The Decorative Arts & Craftsmen 1640-1830  
Fales, Martha Gandy Jewelry in America: 1600-1900  
Fales, Martha Gandy Silver at the Essex Institute  
Falk, Fritz Modern Jewellery 1960-1998 (Schmuck der Moderne)  
Fennimore, Donald L. Campbell Collection of Soup Tureens at Winterthur  
Flynt, Henry and Fales, Martha Gandy The Heritage Foundation Collection of Silver The Heritage Foundation, 1968
Forbes, H.A.Crosby
Kernan, John Devereux
Wilkins, Ruth S.
Chinese Export Silver 1785 to 1885  
Forbes, J.S. Hallmark: A History of the London Assay Office  
Forrest, Tom Bullfinch Anatomy of Antique China & Silver:An Illustrated Guide to Tableware, Identifying Period, n  
Fossberg, Jorunn Norske solvstempler: Gullsmedhandverk i byene pa Ostlandet for 1870 (Norwegian Silversmiths & Marks)  
Frank, Larry
Holbrook II, Millard J.
Indian Silver Jewelry of the Southwest: 1868-1930  
Frye, L. Thomas Silver in the Golden State: Images and Essays Celebrating the History and Art of Silver in California  
Fuhring, Peter Meissonnier: Un Genie du Rococo, Juste-Aurele (2 volumes)  

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