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Kane, Patricia E. Colonial Massachusetts Silversmiths and Jewelers: A Biographical Dictionary  
Kane, Patricia E. John Marshall, Metalsmith: Selected Work from 1991-1997  
Kaplan, Wendy "The Art that is Life": The Arts and Crafts Movement in America, 1875-1920 Little, Brown and Company, 1987
Kardon, Janet, ed. Craft in the Machine Age  
Kardon, Janet, Ed. Ideal Home 1900-1920, The: The History of Twentieth- Century American Craft  
Karlin, Elyse Zorn Jewelry and Metalwork in the Arts and Crafts Tradition  
buy now Kauffman, Henry J. Colonial Silversmith, The: His Techniques and His Products  
Kent, Timothy Arthur London Silver Spoonmakers: 1500-1697  
Klein, Matthias Munchner Goldschmiedegekunst  
Klein, Matthias Munchner Goldschmiedegewerbe von 1800-1868: Meister - Marken - Materialien, Das  
Klien, Matthias ARS Bavarica  
Kolba, Judit H. Hungarian Silver: The Nicolas M. Salgo Collection Thomas Henage & Co. Ltd, London, 1996
Kovel, Ralph & Terry H American Silver Marks 1650 to Present New York: Crown Publishers, Inc., 1989
Kowalsky, Arnold A. and Dorothy E. Encyclopedia of Marks on American, English, and European Earthenware, Ironstone, and Stoneware 1780-1980  
Kraub, Jutta Bestecke: Cutlery : The Eggloffstein Collection (15th-18th Century) at Wartburg Castle  
Krekel-Aalberse, Annelies Art Nouveau and Art Deco Silver  
Kuzmanovic, N. Natasha John Paul Cooper: Designer and Craftsman of the Arts and Crafts Movement  
Langdon, John E. Canadian Silversmiths: 1700-1900  
Lindsey, Jack L. Worldly Goods: The Arts of Early Pennsylvania, 1680-1758  
Linou, Marie-Josee Arts de la Table dans les collections du Musee Mandet de Riom, Les  
Lomax, James British Silver at Temple Newsam and Lotherton Hall  
Loring, John Paulding Farnham: Tiffany's Lost Genius  
Louvre, Musee du Nouvelles acquisitions du departement des Objets d'art  
Louvre, Musee de Orfevrerie Au XIXe Siecle, L'  
Luddington, John Starting to Collect Silver  
Lugano, Andrew Grima Grima - Retrospective  

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