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In reading The Guide to Evaluating Gold & Silver Objects, I have discovered a wealth of information on inspecting, testing and hallmarking not readily available to scholars of silver and gold. Defining the various quality marks including the meanings of electroplate thickness was of great value, since much of this data would have been very difficult to locate. The spiral binding also allows for hands free instruction when performing any of the tests. I would like to recommend The Guide to Evaluating Gold & Silver Objects as an essential reference for anyone involved with appraising, collecting, dealing, or manufacturing items of silver and gold.

Jeffery Herman
Executive Director
Society of American Silversmiths

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Jeff Herman's review for Jeweler Circular Keystone

  "The Guide confirmed and clarified much of the knowledge it took me years to come by in dealing with antique silver and gold, but I was surprised by the availability of handheld computerized testing methods. It has broadened my knowledge ....."

         "..... It is unusual to find such a broad subject so concisely summarized into a useful form."  

  "In his book, Guide to Evaluating Gold and Silver Objects for Appraisers-Dealers-Collectors, Scott V. Martin has fulfilled the title's promise to all three groups:

The Appraiser is given comprehensive information on testing options. Non-invasive testing procedures are encouraged by the author in an effort to preserve the integrity, utility, beauty, and value of the heirlooms and prospective heirlooms being tested. ....

The Dealer will make use of the numerous reference sources cited for historical information and hallmark "decoding." .....

For The Collector, without whom the above two categories would most certainly be moot, I found this booklet convenient - compact and concise. ...."

Click here to order your copy of The Guide to Evaluating Gold & Silver Objects

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