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Author Topic:   The year ends

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iconnumber posted 12-27-2011 11:48 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for wev     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
I don't anticipate doing another build before New Years, so thought I'd do a list of the 600 folks added to my project in 2011:

Harry Adams -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Henry D. Adams -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Joseph G. Albro -- Jeweler
Warren B. Albro -- Silversmith and jeweler
William Alexander -- Silversmith and jeweler
William H. Alexander -- Silversmith and jeweler
Bradford Allen -- Jeweler
Charles H. Alling -- Jeweler
John Downing Alling -- Jeweler
Madison Alling -- Jeweler
Samuel Alling -- Jeweler
William Robinson Alling -- Jeweler
Edwin Vincent Allison -- Jeweler
Franklin James Allison -- Jeweler
Henry Allison -- Jeweler
John H. Allison -- Jeweler
Vincent Allison -- Jeweler
William Allison -- Jeweler
Holdridge Amidon -- Manufacturer
Lucius Holdridge Amidon -- Silversmith
John Annin -- Jeweler (tentative identification)
John Joseph Annin -- Jeweler
Edward Aspinwall -- Watchmaker
Leroy Atkinson -- Silversmith
Matthew Abraham Atkinson -- Silversmith and clockmaker
William Leroy Atkinson -- Silversmith
Wilton Atkinson -- Clock and watchmaker
Wilton Atkinson -- Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker
William Glover Atwater -- Spoon maker
Calvin Harleigh Averill -- Watchmaker
Frederick Socrates Ayres -- Jeweler
James Russell Ayres -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Charles Leonard Babbitt -- Jeweler
William Harvey Babbitt -- Jeweler
George W. Babcock -- Engraver
Clark Bacon -- Gold beater
Frederick Dexter Bacon -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Charles Henry Bagg -- Watchmaker
Samuel E. Bailey -- Jeweler
Simon Woodward Bailey -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Elias Baker -- Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker
Larkin Baker -- Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker
Samuel Baker -- Silversmith and watchmaker
Samuel Baldwin -- Jeweler
Hooper Cummings Ball -- Jeweler
Horace William Ball -- Jeweler
William H. Ball -- Jeweler
Albert Ballou -- Jeweler
William Pickering Ballou -- Jeweler
Harvey Barnes -- Spoon maker
Stephen Barnes -- Pewtersmith (tentative identification)
George Stanley Barney -- Jeweler
Charles E. Barton -- Pewtersmith and silverplater
Isabella Beecher -- Designer
Gates Abiathar Bennett -- Gunsmith
Porter Rivola Bennett -- Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker
Porter Rivola Bennett -- Jeweler
Caleb Bentley -- Silversmith and clockmaker
Eli Bentley -- Silversmith and clockmaker
Francis Bicknell -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Anna Cooke Blackinton -- Jeweler
William Henry Blair -- Jeweler
Hartwell Herbert Blanchard -- Jeweler
Alfred Blatherwick -- Watchmaker
Henry Bleeker -- Merchant
William Edward Bleeker -- Merchant
William Edward Bliss -- Manufacturer
Edward Franklin Blodgett -- Jeweler and manufacturer
Chauncey Boardman -- Clockmaker
Stephen Boardman -- Silversmith and jeweler
Robert N. Bodge -- Jeweler
Joseph Bogert -- Silversmith
Cyrus Booth -- Jeweler
Edmund Booth -- Brassfounder
Joseph Henry Booth -- Silversmith
Samuel Dwight Bowers -- Jeweler
Randolph Hamilton Boynton -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Oliver Carpenter Bradford -- Silversmith and watchmaker
Gilbert Brainard -- Clockmaker
Justin Smith Brewer -- Silversmith and watchmaker
James Porter Brown -- Silverplater
David Bosworth Buffington -- Pewtersmith
Joseph Bulkley -- Clockmaker
John Hammond Bullard -- Jeweler
Albert Burke -- Jeweler
Daniel Briggs Burke -- Jeweler
Henry Burke -- Jeweler
Thomas T. Burke -- Engraver
Benjamin Burling -- Watchmaker
John Burns -- Jeweler
Henry A. Burt -- Jeweler
John Burt -- Manufacturer
Merritt Burt -- Jeweler
Elias Burwell -- Clockmaker
Sidney Platt Burwell -- Clockmaker
Frank Percival Bushnell -- Silversmith
Henry Cutler Bushnell -- Silversmith
Lewis Henry Bushnell -- Silversmith
Levi Butler -- Jeweler
Ferdinand White Cabot -- Jeweler and manufacturer
Jay Cadwell -- Silverplater
John Calder -- Coppersmith
John Lewis Calder -- Coppersmith
Joseph Lewis Calder -- Coppersmith
George Jones Calkins -- Jeweler
Isabel F. Calvin -- Jeweler
Frederick Campbell -- Jeweler
Fred Henry Carpenter -- Jeweler
Eleazer Cary -- Silversmith
Erastus Case -- Clockmaker
Harvey Case -- Clockmaker
Daniel Champlin -- Jeweler
George Byron Champlin -- Jeweler
Stanton Browning Champlin -- Jeweler
Joseph Lyman Chandler -- Silversmith
Samuel Franklin Chandler -- Silversmith and watchmaker
William Porter Chapin -- Jeweler
George Washington Chase -- Silversmith (tentative identification)
Albert Lewis Cheever -- Jeweler
Alpha Morse Cheney -- Manufacturer
Carlos Lyman Cheney -- Silversmith
Timothy Cheney -- Clockmaker
Moses Maxwell Chick -- Silversmith and jeweler
Nathanial Chickering -- Instrument maker
James Chute -- Silversmith and jeweler
Horatio Clark -- Silversmith, watch, and clockmaker
Orestus Cleveland -- Inventor
Thomas Blackwell Cleveland -- Jeweler
Charles M. Coffin -- Jeweler and watchmaker
E. Merritt Cole -- Manufacturer
Robert Henry Cole -- Jeweler and manufacturer
William Furnace Cole -- Jeweler
Edgar Jencks Colton -- Manufacturer
Edwin Kingsley Colton -- Manufacturer
Henry Morris Colton -- Manufacturer
Jacob Colton -- Manufacturer
Samuel Colton -- Silversmith and jeweler
Abraham G. Conklin -- Silversmith
John N. Conklin -- Silversmith
Seldon Cook -- Merchant
Orrin Bliss Cooley -- Manufacturer
Elias Coomes -- Manufacturer
John B. Coomes -- Manufacturer
William W. Coomes -- Silversmith
John Cope -- Silversmith and clockmaker (tentative identification)
Horace L. Cortelyou -- Merchant
Christopher Arnold Cory -- Jeweler
Daniel H. Cory -- Jeweler
Samuel Cotton -- Silversmith and jeweler (tentative identification)
Leroy Coville -- Jeweler
John Gridley Cowles -- Clockmaker
Richard Cranch -- Watchmaker
Edward Ames Crane -- Jeweler
Jonas Smith Crane -- Clock and watchmaker
Moses Griffin Crane -- Clockmaker
William H. Crittenden -- Jeweler
William Ware Crossman -- Jeweler
Richard Currier -- Jeweler (tentative identification)
Daniel Curtis -- Silversmith
Thomas Gilbert Daggett -- Clockmaker
Henry Lifford Dana -- Jeweler
Charles H. Daniels -- Jeweler, watchmaker, and engraver
Charles Valson Daniels -- Jeweler
George Henry Daniels -- Jeweler
John DeValson Daniels -- Jeweler
Charles Colby Darling -- Jeweler
Samuel Barton Darling -- Jeweler
Elijah Darrow -- Clockmaker
Franklin Darrow -- Clockmaker
Nathaniel A. Davis -- Silversmith
Charles E. Davison -- Silversmith and jeweler
George Luther Davison -- Silversmith
John De Forest -- Manufacturer
Samuel Southmayd De Forest -- Manufacturer
William Griswold Dearth -- Jeweler
Nathan Dickinson -- Silversmith and jeweler
Rufus Dikeman -- Jeweler
Henry Augustin Dillon -- Jeweler
Frank H. Dimmock -- Jeweler
Horace Dowd -- Manufacturer
Frank Dubois -- Silversmith
George Dubosq -- Jeweler
Henry Dubosq -- Jeweler
Henry Dubosq -- Jeweler
Peter Dubosq -- Jeweler
Phillip F. Dubosq -- Jeweler
Theodore Dubosq -- Jeweler
Theodore Dubosq -- Jeweler
William A. Dubosq -- Silversmith
William E. Dubosq -- Jeweler
William T. Dubosq -- Jeweler
Charles B. Duckworth -- Watchmaker
Christopher Duckworth -- Jeweler
William Duckworth -- Jeweler
George W. Duncklee -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Samuel Goodwin Durfee -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Horace S. Dusenberry -- Jeweler
John Ashley Dutcher -- Manufacturer
Elisha Dwelle -- Silversmith and instrument maker
Joseph Chesebrough Dyer -- Merchant
Anson Marshall Eastman -- Jeweler and watchmaker
William R. Easton -- Jeweler
Benjamin G. Eaton -- Jeweler
Henry F. Eldredge -- Pewtersmith
Edmund H. Elliott -- Jeweler
Benjamin Franklin Ellis -- Jeweler
Darwin Ellis -- Engraver
Jarvis Edgar Ellis -- Engraver
William E. Ellis -- Jeweler
Gervase Evans -- Silversmith and watchmaker
James Bowen Fairbanks -- Jeweler
John Smith Fairchild -- Jeweler
Cyrus Hamlin Farley -- Instrument maker
Albert Farnsworth -- Jeweler
Charles Walter Farnsworth -- Jeweler
Edward Bringhurst Ferris -- Jeweler
Elwyn Lester Fisher -- Jeweler
James Fitch -- Silversmith
Leverett N. Fletcher -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Charles W. Fogg -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Henry Clay Foote -- Pewtersmith
Frank Foster -- Jeweler
Manning W. Fox -- Pewtersmith
Thomas Fox -- Silversmith
Artemas Fuller -- Clockmaker (tentative idendification)
Asa O. Fuller -- Silversmith
Charles Edwin Furman -- Merchant
Aldridge Bissell Gardiner -- Jeweler
William Harrison Gardner -- Jeweler
Charles Augustus Garrison -- Silversmith
Isaac Garrison -- Silversmith
Joseph Garrison -- Silversmith
Olmsted Gates -- Jeweler
Unwin Cooper Gates -- Silversmith and jeweler
Arthur L. Gifford -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Augustus Charles Gill -- Silversmith and jeweler
William Henry Gilmore -- Jeweler
Edwin Gladding -- Jeweler
William Glenn -- Silverplater
Arthur Frank Goodhue -- Jeweler
Isaac W. Goodhue -- Jeweler
Augustus Ives Goodrich -- Cabinetmaker
George Goodrich -- Cabinetmaker
Thaddeus Gould -- Jeweler
Charles Fredrick Graves -- Jeweler
Francis Sidney Graves -- Jeweler
William Graves -- Jeweler
William Graves -- Jeweler
Samuel Gray -- Jeweler
John Guild -- Silversmith (tentative identification)
Harrison Gurley -- Merchant
William Brown Guthrie -- Silversmith
Abraham Haight -- Watchmaker
Edward Haight -- Jeweler
Henry Milton Haight -- Jeweler
Hoffman Haight -- Jeweler
Charles Hall -- Silversmith and watchmaker
David Hall -- Silversmith
David Hall -- Silversmith
Edwin Milton Hall -- Spoon maker
John Milton Hall -- Spoon maker
Lyman Hall -- Jeweler
Ransom Allen Hall -- Jeweler
Ransom Elisha Hall -- Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker
Sanford Hall -- Jeweler
Hezekiah P. Hamblett -- Jeweler, watchmaker, and engraver
Nathaniel Hamlin -- Clockmaker
John H. Hammond -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Oscar Hanks -- Instrument maker
Ernest Lodelle Harrington -- Jeweler
Prescott V. Harrington -- Jeweler
James Harrison -- Clockmaker
Alpha Hart -- Clockmaker
Orrin Hart -- Clockmaker
Alexander R. Hascey -- Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker
Nelson Hascey -- Jeweler and watchmaker
George Haverstick -- Silversmith
John Deschler Haverstick -- Silversmith and jeweler
Matthais Haverstick -- Silversmith
William Haverstick -- Silversmith and jeweler
William Haverstick -- Silversmith and jeweler
Abel Leland Hawes -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Charles B. Hayes -- Jeweler
John Hazard -- Jeweler
William Chase Hazeltine -- Jeweler
Willard B. Heath -- Jeweler and watchmaker
George Hendel -- Silversmith
Jacob Hendel -- Silversmith and clockmaker
John Bernard Hendel -- Clockmaker
Joseph Henry -- Silversmith and watchmaker
Joseph C Herkner -- Jeweler
Benjamin A. Hersey -- Jeweler
Francis Adams Hersey -- Jeweler
Thomas Woodbury Hicks -- Jeweler
William Higby -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Milo Hildreth -- Jeweler
Amariah Miller Hills -- Silversmith
Henry Walbridge Hinsdale -- Merchant
William Edward Hobbs -- Jeweler
Herbert Clyde Hodgman -- Jeweler
Frederick Russell Hollister -- Jeweler
Frank Willard Holmes -- Jeweler
Edward H. Hopkins -- Jeweler (tentative identification)
Samuel Mickle Hopper -- Silversmith and jeweler
Elisha Hotchkiss -- Clockmaker
Luther R. House -- Pewtersmith
Paul Howell -- Silversmith
Jerome Bonaparte Hubbard -- Clockmaker
Merritt Hubbell -- Silverplater
John B. Hungerford -- Jeweler
Edward Hustace -- Jeweler
John Ellsworth Hyde -- Watchmaker (tentative identification)
Jacob Idler -- Jeweler
Wells Isbell -- Jeweler
Charles Grandison Ives -- Clockmaker
Charles F. Jones -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Lorin F. Judd -- Manufacturer
Charles E. Kattelle -- Jeweler
John Kedzie -- Silversmith and jeweler
Ward Keeler -- Watchmaker
Nathaniel Kellogg -- Watchmaker
John Kendall -- Instrument maker
Thomas Kendall -- Instrument maker
Volney Kendall -- Pewtersmith
Green Kendrick -- Manufacturer
John Kent -- Silversmith
William Jay Ketcham -- Jeweler
George Munroe Kettell -- Watchmaker (tentative identification)
John Pillsbury Kimball -- Silversmith and jeweler
William Kimball -- Silversmith
William B. King -- Clockmaker
Stephen Kingsland -- Pewtersmith
Henry Child Kirk -- Manufacturer
Emery Davenport Lackey -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Lucian Bonaparte Lamson -- Jeweler (tentative identification)
John William Lawton -- Manufacturer
Philip Allen Lee -- Jeweler
Arunah Leffingwell -- Jeweler
Abraham Leroy -- Clock and watchmaker
Anna Marie Leroy -- Clock and watchmaker
Henry Lester -- Silverplater
John Allen Lewis -- Silversmith (tentative identification)
George Tefft Lincoln -- Jeweler and manufacturer
Nelson Franklin Lincoln -- Jeweler
Henry Loomis -- Jeweler
Hezekiah Lord -- Merchant
Frank Herbert Lowell -- Jeweler
Henry Harrison Lowell -- Watchmaker
William Senter Lowell -- Engraver
Alfred Lowrey -- Clockmaker
David Lowrey -- Clockmaker
Hale Sisson Luther -- Jeweler
Elisha Manross -- Clockmaker
Hiram Mansfield -- Spoon maker
John Calvin Mansfield -- Spoon maker
Rosetta Martin -- Manufacturer
Sarah Elizabeth Martin -- Watchmaker
Frank Leon Matson -- Silversmith and watchmaker
Rollin M. Matson -- Jeweler
Andrew Richmond Matteson -- Jeweler
James Burr May -- Jeweler
Jesse May -- Jeweler
Morris L. Merriman -- Jeweler
Abner Halsey Miller -- Silversmith and jeweler
Isaac M. Miller -- Jeweler
James Wesley Miller -- Jeweler
William Henry Clay Miller -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Edward Mills -- Silversmith
Julius Vinton Miner -- Watchmaker
Elbert Brinckerhoff Monroe -- Merchant
Noah Moody -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Sylvanus Moore -- Jeweler
Adelbert Fremont Morrell -- Jeweler
Samuel Franklin Morrill -- Jeweler
John Harrington Morse -- Silversmith and jeweler
Samuel Rice Morse -- Jeweler
Orrin Moses -- Silversmith
Ezekiel Wilson Mundy -- Jeweler
Edwin Miles Munger -- Jeweler and watchmaker
George Nichols Munger -- Jeweler
Charles Henry Munson -- Jeweler
John Adam Musser -- Silversmith and jeweler
Comfort Starr Mygatt -- Silversmith
David Andrews Needham -- Jeweler
Nelson Cyrus Newell -- Manufacturer
Samuel Ruggles Newell -- Manufacturer
William Newth -- Watchmaker
Hubert Franklin North -- Manufacturer
Oliver Burnham North -- Manufacturer
Benjamin R. Norton -- Jeweler
Thomas Boylston Adams Norton -- Watchmaker
Charles Horatio Noyes -- Merchant
Isaiah Noyes -- Jeweler and watchmaker
George Petrie Olmstead -- Jeweler
Henry Ormsby -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Henry Hall Ostrander -- Jeweler
Charles Ketcham Ovington -- Merchant
Edward Ovington -- Merchant
Edward S. Ovington -- Merchant
Theodore Tweedy Ovington -- Merchant
Moses Swasey Page -- Jeweler
Victor Samuel Paige -- Jeweler
Jesse Rufus Paine -- Jeweler
Eugene W. Palmer -- Jeweler
Greenleaf W. Palmer -- Jeweler
Thomas E. Palmer -- Merchant
Amos Parker -- Silversmith
Simon Bailey Parker -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Henry Van Arsdale Parsell -- Jeweler
Ezekial Williams Parsons -- Jeweler
Frederick E. Parsons -- Jeweler
Henry Smith Parsons -- Jeweler
Silas Parsons -- Clockmaker
Benjamin Fawcett Sterns Patten -- Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker
Zebulon Smith Patten -- Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker
Henry F. Payson -- Jeweler
Charles Albert Peabody -- Engraver
Edward Augustus Peabody -- Engraver
John R. Peck -- Clockmaker
George E. Pelton -- Silversmith
Liberty Phelps -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Charles Frederic Phillips -- Jeweler
John R. Phinney -- Silversmith
Alanson Sherman Platt -- Clockmaker
Alfred Platt -- Manufacturer
Clark Murry Platt -- Manufacturer
William Smith Platt -- Manufacturer
Almon Plumb -- Clockmaker
Frank Pierce Plummer -- Jeweler
Jerome Bonaparte Pomeroy -- Silver manufacturer
Jerome Boneparte Pomeroy -- Spoon maker
Edmund W. Porter -- Pewtersmith
Lemuel Cobb Porter -- Pewtersmith
William Wallace Porter -- Pewtersmith
Charles L. Potter -- Jeweler
Cyrus L. Potter -- Jeweler
Henry Knowles Potter -- Watchmaker
James Edwin Preston -- Jeweler
Stephen Preston -- Silversmith (tentative identification)
Stephen Lewis Preston -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Stephen Lewis Preston -- Jeweler
Benjamin Prince -- Silversmith
Woodbury M. Purington -- Jeweler
Thomas Rodman Rathbone -- Jeweler
William Wallace Rathbone -- Jeweler
Freeman Rawdon -- Engraver
Ralph Rawdon -- Engraver
Ferdinand Daniel Read -- Jeweler
Gustus Remick -- Jeweler
Daniel Short Remington -- Jeweler
Giles Remington -- Silversmith
George Everett Richardson -- Jeweler and watchmaker
James Richardson -- Jeweler
Thomas Howlett Richardson -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Cortland Riker -- Jeweler
Joseph Marsh Riker -- Jeweler
William Riker -- Jeweler
William Riker -- Jeweler
Martin Risley -- Manufacturer
Havilah John Robbins -- Manufacturer
Reuben Robbins -- Manufacturer
Candace Roberts -- Artist
Elias Roberts -- Clockmaker
Parker Roberts -- Silversmith and merchant
Artemas Rogers -- Jeweler and watchmaker
William Rogers -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Edward Franklin Roper -- Jeweler
Nelson Roth -- Jeweler
Volkert Roth -- Watchmaker
Samuel Rugg -- Silversmith
William L. Rugg -- Watchmaker
William Russell -- Jeweler
James Ferring Safford -- Jeweler
Edward Martin Salisbury -- Jeweler
Henry Salisbury -- Jeweler
Jerome A. Salisbury -- Jeweler
Sidney Sanborn -- Silversmith
Barent B. Sanders -- Merchant
Gerrit V. S. Sanders -- Merchant
John B. Sanders -- Merchant
George S. Sanford -- Jeweler and watchmaker
William Northup Sanford -- Jeweler
Thomas Saunders -- Silversmith
Daniel Long Sawyer -- Watchmaker
John Nathan Sayre -- Jeweler
Charles Martin Seabury -- Watchmaker (tentative identification)
William Parker Sedgwick -- Jeweler
William Settle -- Jeweler and watchmaker
William Settle -- Watchmaker
George Sexton -- Merchant
Lucian Sharpe -- Watchmaker
James Shaw -- Jeweler
Charles K. Shepherd -- Jeweler
Robert Shepherd -- Silversmith
Alden Prescott Sherburne -- Jeweler
Henry Ward Sill -- Jeweler
David Smiley -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Daniel Henry Smith -- Jeweler
Joseph D. Smith -- Silversmith (tentative identification)
Noyes Justin Smith -- Jeweler
William Smith -- Silverplater
William H. Smith -- Jeweler
James Pardon Snow -- Jeweler and merchant
Willard Spencer -- Manufacturer
Peleg Spooner -- Jeweler
David Avery Sprague -- Manufacturer
David Elias Sprague -- Manufacturer
Frederick Newell Squire -- Jeweler
Newton Requa Squire -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Daniel Osbert Stanley -- Jeweler
Joseph B. Stanley -- Jeweler
Henry Chester Stebbins -- Manufacturer
Everett Stockman -- Jeweler
Jonathan Stoddard -- Jeweler (tentative identification)
Albert B. Streeter -- Jeweler
Harry Pierce Sturdy -- Jeweler
Louis Allen Sturdy -- Jeweler
William Mandly Sturdy -- Jeweler
John William Thayer -- Pewtersmith
Albert Freeman Tilton -- Jeweler and watchmaker
William S. Tingley -- Jeweler
Reland Tinkham -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Ebenezer Dawes Tisdale -- Silversmith and jeweler
Henry W. Tisdale -- Jeweler
Frederick N. Tourtellot -- Jeweler
William N. Tourtellot -- Jeweler
Seth Tozer -- Jeweler
Samuel Treat -- Silversmith and jeweler
Charles A. Trefethen -- Jeweler
Daniel Eastman True -- Jeweler and manufacturer
Cornelius Manchester Tucker -- Jeweler
Elisha Turner -- Silversmith
Hiram Adolphias Tuttle -- Clockmaker
Seldon M. Tuttle -- Manufacturer
Abraham J. Van Nice -- Jeweler
Abraham Van Nuys -- Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker
William Keyser Vanderslice -- Silversmith and jeweler
Darwin Plummer Venen -- Silversmith and jeweler
John Danville Venen -- Jeweler
Joseph Albert Venen -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Charles Vent -- Silversmith
Fisk Brainard Ventres -- Manufacturer
Abraham Voorhees -- Watchmaker
Samuel Davenport Vose -- Pewtersmith
Daniel B. Waite -- Jeweler
Joshua Ward -- Silversmith and jeweler
Charles Alexander Warner -- Jeweler
Andrew Warren -- Jeweler and watchmaker
Hawley Thrall Webster -- Silverplater
George Weldon -- Pewtersmith
Joseph A. Wells -- Clockmaker
Thomas Welsh -- Jeweler
Joseph Westcott -- Jeweler
Ralph Wheeler -- Jeweler
William Gilbert Whilden -- Jeweler
Jenckes Whipple -- Jeweler
Cyrus Newell White -- Jeweler
Roswell White -- Silversmith and jeweler
Jabez Lathe Whiting -- Jeweler
Ruggles Whiting -- Merchant
Warren C. Whiting -- Jeweler
John H. Whitlock -- Pewtersmith
George Barbour Whitney -- Jeweler
George H. Whitney -- Jeweler (tentative identification)
Hiram Whitney -- Jeweler
George Henry Whittemore -- Jeweler
John Whittier -- Clockmaker
Louis Nichols Wilbur -- Jeweler
Loyal Wilcox -- Manufacturer
Henry Wilkins -- Jeweler
Ambrose W. Willard -- Silversmith
Ephraim Willard -- Clockmaker
Peter Haskell Willard -- Merchant
Andrew Lyman Williams -- Jeweler
Bradford H. Williams -- Jeweler
Deodat Williams -- Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker (tentative identification)
Edward Crysler Williams -- Jeweler
Palgrave Williams -- Silversmith
Robert Day Williams -- Jeweler
Walter Williams -- Cabinetmaker
Isaac Chandler Withington -- Jeweler
William Wolcott -- Jeweler
William Schenck Wood -- Silversmith and jeweler
George S. Woodcock -- Jeweler
Jonathan Daggett Woodcock -- Jeweler
Philip Rose Woodford -- Jeweler
Benjamin Woods -- Jeweler (tentative identification)
Albert Charles Woodworth -- Manufacturer
Charles B. Woodworth -- Silverplater
William Cooledge Woolson -- Jeweler
Albert N. Wright -- Jeweler
Benjamin Franklin Wright -- Clockmaker
Filbert Leander Wright -- Clockmaker
George U. Wright -- Silversmith
Harvey Wright -- Clockmaker
Julius Marion Wright -- Clockmaker
Leroy Holmes Wright -- Jeweler
William W. Wright -- Jeweler and manufacturer
Henry Yale -- Pewtersmith
Horace Yale -- Pewtersmith

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