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The Book of Silver
Flatware Silver Marks & Patterns

Installment Now Available


Dear Book of Silver Registrant,

It is a great pleasure to announce the publication of the fourth installment to The Book of Silver. This installment has been longer in coming than anyone had planned due to some unforeseen circumstances. We thank you for your patience and are confident that you will find this latest installment well worth the wait. In this 242 page installment, you will find:

  • Thirty six new patterns from manufacturers including Albert Coles, Duhme, Durgin, Hamilton & Diesinger, Henry Hebbard, Jacobi & Jenkins, Knowles, Redlich, George Sharp, George Shiebler, Shreve & Co, Tiffany, Watson, John Wendt, Whiting and Wood & Hughes

  • Additional information on previously documented patterns by Old Newbury Crafters, Shiebler and Unger Brothers

  • An expanded Pattern Image Quick Reference

  • Additions & Updates to the Maker's Marks Section

  • Additions to th Retailers' Marks Section

  • An updated and expanded Pattern Name Index with Cross References

This installment continues the unique "living publication" aspect of The Book of Silver. The V1R2.E installment integrates new and revised information thoroughly with all of the prior releases. Users who have gotten the prior installments know how important it is to keep current. Be sure you have the most in-depth research available by ordering your copy of the V1R2.E installment today.

The Book of Silver (V1R2.E) installment is only $29.95 including shipping and tax. Don't have the third installment (V1R2.D)? Not to worry, you may order it for only $29.95 (including shipping and tax). Get both installments (V1R2.D & V1R2.E) for $59.90. Click here to use the order form.

Please send your check or money order payable to SM Publications to:

SM Publications
353 West 56th Street, MS7A
New York, NY 10019

We also invite you to visit our website Since the website has gone up we have topped two million hits! The Silver Salon Forums offer a twenty four hour venue for exchanging information about silver. Readers and participants worldwide regularly access the forums. In addition, we recently activated the Silver Library that is an exhaustive list of silver references. Our website visitors have also had the opportunity to enjoy a narrated tour of a fabulous private collection of antique buckles and pins.

So, please join us at the website and thank you in advance for your continued support of The Book of Silver through your purchase of our installments.

Scott and June Martin

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