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  Dear registered user of The Book of Silver,


We are pleased to announce the release of the third update to The Book of Silver (BOS). It is an exciting addition to what is already included in the book. Coverage of George W. Shiebler and John Polhamus is expanded. Shiebler is one of our favorite manufacturers and your feedback indicates that he is of great interest to you as well. With this 158 page update, we include:

        44 previously undocumented & 36 updated Shiebler pattern pages,
        8 previously undocumented & 2 updated Polhamus pattern pages,
        An expanded Pattern Image Quick Reference,
        Additions to the Maker's Marks section,
        Additions to the Retailers' Marks section,
        An updated and expanded Pattern Name Index with Cross References.

This update is only available to those who are currently registered. The price is $29.95 including shipping (US) and tax.

Why It Is Important to Stay Current with Updates
For those of you who want to stay current with the Book of Silver, it is important that you purchase this update. Those who have used the BOS extensively realize that all of the sections of the book are interrelated. In order to maintain the integrity of your book, all of these sections must stay in synch with each other. Updates include corrections or clarifications of material provided in earlier versions of the book, and skipping an update could result in inaccurate or misleading information. For this reason, we do require that users stay current in their updates and maintain an active registered user status, thereby making them eligible to purchase future updates.

What Else is New?
In addition to working on this update to the Book of Silver, we have established a new SMP website designed to be the Internet location of choice for silverphiles. Exclusively for registered users of the Book of Silver, there is a private forum. Here you can exchange thoughts, insights and questions about flatware patterns, their makers and retailers. Information that will be in future updates can be previewed in the BOS Forum. In addition to the private  forum, there are public forums on a broad range of silver topics such as Collecting Place Settings and Ask a Curator, the latter being moderated by Ulysses Dietz, Decorative Arts Curator of the Newark Museum. There are For Sale and Wanted to Buy forums and a free-form Chat Room. We invite you to become an active participant at the website.

We thank you for all of your assistance in our Book of Silver project and look forward to your continued support through your purchase of this update to the Book of Silver. Please use the order form (click here for order form), to send your registration number, name & address, phone number, e-mail address and your check or money order payable to SM Publications in the amount of $29.95 (or credit card/Papal):

SM Publications
353 West 56th Street, MS7A
New York, NY 10019

Scott and June Martin

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