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A Collector's Eye
Early English Spoons

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Table of Contents

Title       Title Slide
Slide#1  18th century spoons
Slide#2  Acorn/diamond shape
Slide#3  Diamond point spoon
Slide#4  Maidenhead - William Cawdell, 1592
Slide#5  Late 16th century, maker HW
          Late 16th century, J. Gladstone/J. Utting
          Circa 1619, unknown maker, Beccles
Slide#6  Circa 1656, unidentified
          Circa 1639, unidentified
          Circa 1638, by V/T
Slide#7  Lion Sejant
Slide#8  Maidenhead
Slide#9  Virgin & Heart, Child's Head
Slide#10 Apostle Spoons
Slide#11 Richard Chandler, circa 1639
Slide#12 Hoof spoons
Slide#13 Daniel Carey, 1615
          Edward Hole, London, 1631
Slide#14 Jeremy Johnston, London, 1661
          Steven Venables, 1651
          IV (J. Vaughan or J. Vaughton), 1631
Slide#15 Trefid
Slide#16 Good reference books

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