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Martin, Scott V. & June V. The Book of Silver; Flatware Silver Marks & Patterns New York:
SM Publications,
Martin, Scott V. The Guide To Evaluating Gold & Silver Objects for Appraisers, Dealers and Collectors New York:
SM Publications, 1993

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Publisher info

  Game, Amanda
Goring, Elizabeth
Jewellery Moves: Ornament for the 21st Century  
  Gask, Norman Old Silver Spoons of England London: Spring Bks., orig. ed. pub. 1926, this ed. pub. 1973. 192p. hardbound.
  Gere, Charlotte
Munn, Geoffrey
Pre-Raphaelite to Arts and Crafts Jewellery  
  Geudens, Frank Alice in Zilverland (Alice in Silverland, silver toys and miniatures)  
  Giacobone, Tersilla F. Italian Silverware of the 20th Century: From Decorative Arts to Design  
  Gilodo, Andrei Russian Jewellery: 19th - 20th century  
  Gilodo, Andrei Russian Silver: 19th - beginning of 20th century  
  Glanville, Philippa Silver: History and Design  
  Glanville, Philippa Silver in Tudor & Early Stuart England  
  Glanville, Philippa Women Silversmiths 1685-1845  
  Godefroy, Gisele Orfevres du Dauphine, Les  
  Golden Era Publications Keystone Jewelry Trade Mark Book - 1934 Edition Lima, Ohio: Golden Era Publications, 1990
  Goldsborough, Jennifer Exhibition of New London Silver: 1700 - 1835, An  
  Gonzalez - Palacios Luigi Valadier au Louvre ou l'Antiquite exaltee  
  Gowan, Sue Thimbles of Australia  
  Grafman Crowning Glory: Silver Torah Ornaments  
  Graham-Campbell, James Viking-age Gold and Silver of Scotland (AD 850-1100)  
  Green, Robert Alan Marks of American Silversmiths White Plains, New York: Murphy Printing Co., Inc., 1977
  Grimwade, Arthur G. London Goldsmiths 1697-1837 Their Marks & Lives (Third Edition)  
  Groft, Tammis K.
MacKay, Mary Alice
Albany Institute of History and Art  
  Grotkamp-Schepers, B.
Sanger, R.
Art Nouveau Knives, Forks and Spoons: Inventory Catalogue of the Besteckmuseum Solingen, Vol. 1  
Gruber, Alain Silverware  
  Habsburg, Archduke Geza von Faberge: Fantasies & Treasures  
  Hagan, Tere Silverplated Flatware Paducah, Kentucky: Collector Books, 1990
  Hagan, Tere Sterling Flatware Tempe Arizona: TAMM Publishing Co., 1994
  Hamilton, Martha Wilson Silver in the Fur Trade 1680-1820  
  Hardouin-Fugier Dictionnaire des artes Liturgiques XIX-XX siecle  
  Hare, Susan M. Courtauld Family: Huguenot Silversmiths, The  
  Hare, Susan M. Goldsmiths' Hall in the City of London  
  Hare, Susan M. Paul de Lamerie - The Work of Englands Master Silversmith 1688-1751  
  Hare, S.M. Touching Gold and Silver: 500 Years of Hallmarking  
  Harrod, Tanya Crafts in Britain in the Twentieth Century, The  
  Hartop, Christopher Huguenot Legacy: English Silver 1680-1760, The  
  Haslam, Malcolm Marks & Monograms: The Decorative Arts 1880-1960  
  Hauck, A.H.R.
Spokas, A.E.
Kras, K.
Skarzynski, A.M.
Kyle, K.A.
American Silver, 1670-1830. The Moore Collection at Providence College  
  Hawkins, J.B. Nineteenth Century Australian Silver: (Two Volumes)  
  Hayward, J.F. Catalogue of Corporation Plate of England and Wales  
  Heckscher, Morrison H. American Rococo 1750 - 1775: Elegance in Ornament  
  Helliwell, Stephen J. Understanding Antique Silver Plate  
  Herisse, Marc Goudji  
  Hogan, Edmund An American Heritage: A Book About the International Silver Company Dallas: Taylor Publishing Co., 1977
  Hollan, Catherine B. In the Neatest, Most Fashionable Manner: Three Centuries of Alexandria Silver  
  Hood, Jr William P.
Berlin, Roslyn
Wawrynek , Edward
Tiffany Silver Flatware : 1845-1905 When Dining Was an Art Antique Collectors Club; 2000
  Hughes, G.R. British Silverwork  
  Hughes, Graham Gerald Benney Goldsmith: The Story of Fifty Years at the Bench  
  Hughes, G. Modern British Silver  
  Hughes, George R. Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths as Patrons of their Craft 1919-1953, The  
  Hyman, John A. Silver at Williamsburg: Drinking Vessels  

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