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Martin, Scott V. & June V. The Book of Silver; Flatware Silver Marks & Patterns New York:
SM Publications,
Martin, Scott V. The Guide To Evaluating Gold & Silver Objects for Appraisers, Dealers and Collectors New York:
SM Publications, 1993

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  O'Callaghan, Judith Treasures from Austrailian Churches  
  Oakland Museum History Department SILVER in the Golden State Oakland, Ca.: History Dept of the Oakland Museum, 1986
  Odom, Anne Russian Enamels  
  Old Newbury Historic Society Simple Elegance  
  Osterberg, Richard F.
Smith, Betty
Silver Flatware Dictionary New York: A. S. Barnes & Co., Inc. 1981
  Osterberg, Richard Silver Holloware: For Dining Elegance  
  Osterberg, Richard Sterling Silver Flatware for Dining Elegance (Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition) Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. 1994
  Outwater, Myra Yellin Judaica  
  Paulson, Paul L. Guide to Russian Silver Hallmarks  
  Peirce, Donald C. Art & Enterprise: American Decorative Art, 1825-1917 The Virginia Carroll Crawford Collection  
  Perkins, Roger Military and Naval Silver: Treasures of the Mess and Wardroom  
  Phillips Antiquity Revisited: English and French Silver Gilt from the Collection of Audrey Love  
  Phillips, Clare Jewelry: From Antiquity to the Present  
  Pickford, Ian Antique Silver (Starting to Collect Series - Antique Collectors Club)  
  Pickford, Ian, Ed. Jackson's Hallmarks - Pocket Hard Cover  
  Pickford, Ian, Ed. Jackson's Hallmarks - Pocket Paper  
  Pickford, Ian, Ed. Jackson's Silver and Gold Marks of England, Scotland and Ireland  
  Pickford, Ian Silver Flatware: English, Irish and Scottish 1660-1980  
  Postnikova-Losseva Russian Silver Hallmarks (Russian Text)  
  Poynder, Michael Jewellery Reference & Price Guide  
  Prior, Katherine
Adamson, John
Maharajas' Jewels  
  Proddow, Penny
Healy, Debra
American Jewelry: Glamour & Tradition New York, New York: Rizzoli, 1987
  Puig, Francis J. English and American Silver: The Collection of The Minneapolis Institute of Arts  

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