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Martin, Scott V. & June V. The Book of Silver; Flatware Silver Marks & Patterns New York:
SM Publications,
Martin, Scott V. The Guide To Evaluating Gold & Silver Objects for Appraisers, Dealers and Collectors New York:
SM Publications, 1993

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  Adams, E. Bryding Made in Alabama: A State Legacy  
  Alcorn, Ellenor M. English Silver in the Museum of Fine Arts: Vol. I: Silver before 1697  
  Alekseev, Andrei et al. Golden Deer of Eurasia: Scythian & Sarmatian Treasures from the Russian Steppes: Hermitage, St Petersburg  
  Allan, James W. Islamic Metalwork: The Nuhad Es-Said Collection, Revised Edition  
  Allen, Brian British Art Treasures from the Russian Imperial Collections at the Hermitage  
  Ames, Kenneth L. Decorative Arts & Household Furnishings in America  
  Anderson, Lawrence The Art of the Silversmith in Mexico 1519-1936: Volume I Oxford University Press, 1941
  Arminjon, Catherine L' Art du Metal  
  Arminjon, Catherine Dictionnaire des poincons de fabricants d'ouvrages d'or et d'argent de Paris et de la Siene 1838-1875 (Vol. 2)  
  Arminjon, Catherine Objets Civils Domestiques  
  Arminjon, Catherine Orfevres francais sous l'Ancien Regime, Les  
  Ashmolean Museum Century of Silver, A  
  Autenboer, Eugene Van et al. Gildzilver uit het Oud-Hertogdom Brabant  
  Bace, Jill Miller's Collecting Silver: The Facts at Your Fingertips  
  Bard Graduate Center Studies in the Decorative Arts, Vol. VI, No. 2, Spring-Summer 1999  
  Bartsch, Joel A. Kremlin Gold: 1,000 Years of Russian Gems and Jewels  
  Bassman, Theda and Michael Zuni Jewelry (Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition)  
  Baudouin, Piet et al. Antwerpes Huiszilver Uit de 17e en 18e Eeuw (Rubenshuis). Zilver...Gouden Eeuw Antwerpen (Rockoxhuis).(2 vols)  
  Baudouin, Piet Silver in Belgium 1500 - 1800; Orfevrerie en Belgique: Zilver in Belgie  
  Becker, Vivian Antique and Twentieth Century Jewellery  
  Becker, Vivienne Art Nouveau Jewelry  
  Becker, Vivienne Jewelry of Rene Lalique, The  
  Bednersh, Wayne Collectible Souvenir Spoons  
  Beet, Brian Stamp Boxes  
  Belden, Louise Conway Marks of American Silversmiths in the Ineson-Bissell Collection Charlottesville: The University Press of Virginia, 1980
  Bennett, Swannee
Worthen, William B.
Arkansas Made, Vol. I, Furniture, Quilts, Silver, Pottery, Firearms: A Survey of the Decorative...1819-1870  
  Bennett, David
Mascetti, Daniela
Understanding Jewelry (US Edition)  
  Berger, Ewald Ornamental Coffers: Eight Centuries of European Craftsmanship  
  Bimbenet-Privat, Michelle and Gabriel de Fontaines Datation De L'Orfevrerie Parisienne sous L'Ancien Regime, La  
  Blair, C. Goldsmith and the Grape: Silver in the Service of Wine, The  
  Bland (Roger), Johns (Catherine) The Hoxne Treasure. An Illustrated Introduction London, British Museum Press, 1993
  Bliss, Joseph R. English Silver: The Jerome and Rita Gans Collection  
  Bly, John Miller's Silver & Sheffield Plate Marks  
  Bones, Frances M.
Fisher, Lee Roy
Standard Encyclopedia of American Silverplate  
  Boultinghouse, Marquis Silversmiths of Kentucky, 1785-1900: Jewelers, Watch & Clock Makers  
  Bowman, Leslie Greene American Arts and Crafts : Virtue in Design  
  Boylan, Leona Davis Spanish Colonial Silver Museum of New Mexico Press, 1974
  Bradbury, Frederick Bradbury's Book of Hallmarks 1544-2001 Old Sheffield Plate Makers' Marks 1743-1860  
  Brault-Lerch, Solange Orfevres de Troyes, Les  
  Brix, Maurice List of Philadelphia Silversmiths and Allied Artificers from 1682 -1850  
  Brosens, Koenraad
Ren, Leo De
Ruimte voor Zilver (Space for Silver)  
  Buck American Silver: The Work of the 17th and 18th Century Silversmiths  
  Buhler, Kathyrn American Silver 1655-1825 in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston National Geographic Society, 1972
  Buhler, Kathryn and Hood, Graham American Silver; Garvan and Other Collections in the Yale University Art Gallery Yale University Press, 1970
  Burton & Cutten South Carolina Silversmiths 1690-1860 & The Silversmiths of North Carolina  
  Bury, S. Copy or Creation: Victorian Treasures from English Churches  
  Bury, Shirley Jewellery 1789-1861 The International Era (Volume 1)  
  Bury, Shirley Jewellery 1862-1910 The International Era (Volume 2)  

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