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buy Price: $195.00
Item number: 112912-06
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Rebajes Jewelry
"Wearable Art"

Sterling leaf design bracelet.
This bracelet/cuff is rarely found in Sterling.
Most often it is only in copper.
The links are curved to fit
the contours of your wrist.
Excellent condition

Rebajes Jewelry Sterling leaf design bracelet
(more photos below)
Maker:   Rebajes Jewelry
"Wearable Art"
Art by: Francisco Rebajes
Otto R. Bade
Henryk Winograd
Location:   New York City, NY - New Hope, Pa
Marks:   makers marks
Material:   Sterling Silver
Date:   unknown
We suspect this is a Rebajes marked bracelet designed by Otto R. Bade. If so, then it is post 1957
Size:   6.875 inches long
1.0 inch wide
Weight:   Avoirdupois: 1.8 ozs.
Troy: 1.64 ozs.
Condition:   Excellent
Monogram:   none
buy Price: $195.00
Item number: 112912-06
Listed by: SMP
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