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A Personal Touch
Late 19th and 20th Century Silver
from the Seawolf Collection

by Eric Turner, Lynn Springer Roberts
Hardcover. 256 pages.

This generously illustrated volume presents almost 200 beautiful and rare pieces of utilitarian silver from the art nouveau and art deco period, selected from a private silver collection. Both experts in silverware from this period and fans of art nouveau and art deco will be surprised by the number of splendid pieces from this collection. It brings together objects by various renowned silversmiths, including Christopher Dresser, Charles Robert Ashbee, Omar Ramsden and Alwin Carr, and Edward Spencer, Henry Wilson and Paul Cooper. American silversmiths include the Kalo Shop, the International Silver Company of Meriden, The Gorham Manufacturing Company and Howard Crisp. The color photographs of the objects are accompanied by extensive captions, monograms and hallmarks, providing substantial new information.

A private collection in a museum
Surprises in an unknown collection
English silver 1880-1940
Catalogue English silver
Continental silver: collection and style
Catalogue continental silver
'Castles in the air' and family treasures Some remarks on European cutlery
Catalogue European cutlery
American silver in the twentieth century
Catalogue American silver
Catalogue miscellaneous objects
Jose de Creeft
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Authors:   Eric Turner
Lynn Springer Roberts
Publisher:   NAi Publishers/Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
Binding   Hardcover
Date:   2003
Approximate size
& weight:
  12.86 x 9.74 x 0.98 in.
4.18 lbs.
Language:   English
Condition:   New/unopened. Shrink wrapped.
Dust jacket:   yes
buy Price: $70.00
Item number: 120806-14
Listed by: SMP

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