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Cork Silver and Gold:
Four Centuries of Craftsmanship
by John R. Bowen, Conor O'Brien


"The work of the Cork silversmiths and goldsmiths over the past 400 years is scarcely known, and has never before been the object of a published dedicated study. The Airgeadoir exhibition at Cork's Crawford Gallery, from April to June 2005, provides the backdrop for the publication of this overview of the subject. Profusely illustrated, this book is much more than the catalogue of a ground-breaking exhibition: it is a rich source of reference as well as an enduring record of the most comprehensive collection of the work of these artists and craftsmen ever assembled." "The items described and illustrated, include early ecclesiastical pieces dating to the late 1500s, and a profusion of secular items, coffee pots, salvers, freedom boxes, maces and flatware executed through the years of great achievement in the 1600s and 1700s." "The book charts the decline in the trade after the end of the Napoleonic Wars and its renaissance during the twentieth century, including the fascinating story of Cork's 'Republican' silver. The works of famous makers such as Robert Goble, William Newenham, George Hodder, Carden Terry and the latter's daughter, Jane Williams, are featured, as is a selection of work made in Kinsale and Youghal." Other features of the book include a directory of prominent Cork makers as well as a comprehensive bibliography for further reading/study.

  Table Of Contents
1. Acknowledgements
2. Foreword by Douglas Bennett
3. Cork Silver- An Introduction
4. A 'Sterling' Relationship: The Cork Goldsmiths and the Company of Goldsmiths of Dublin
5. Airgeadoir - Four Centuries of Cork Silver and Gold
5.1 A Study in Styles 5.2 Ecclesiastical
5.3 Hugenot and Native - The Early Eighteenth Century
5.4 A Treasury of Cork Makers - The Later Eighteenth Century
5.5 Tea or Coffee? 5.6 Civic and Ceremonial
5.7 Flatware - In Its Surprising Variety
5.8 Naval, Maritime, and Mercantile
5.9 Carden Terry and the Williams
5.10 Decline and Fall - The Nineteenth Century
5.11 William Egan and Sons 5.12 Cork 'Republican' Silver
5.13 The Twentieth Century and Beyond
5.14 Kinsale and Youghal
5.15 The Freedom of the Borough
5.16 A Celebration of Cork Silver and Gold
6. A Directory of Cork Goldsmiths
7. Endnotes
8. Glossary of Terms
9. A Select Bibliography Index
Authors:   John R. Bowen
Conor O'Brien
Publisher:   The Collins Press
Binding   Hardcover
Date:   2005
approximate size
& weight:
  Width: 219 mm
Height: 277 mm
Thickness: 20 mm
Weight: 1,093 g
Language:   English
Condition:   New
Dust jacket:   yes
buy Price: sold
Item number: 120806-15
Listed by: SMP
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