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Item number: 140724-11
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English sterling silver anointing spoon
made by Walter Edward King in 1952
Excellent condition

A beautiful, vintage English, gilt sterling silver replica of the anointing spoon used for the coronation of English monarchs. The original spoon, dating from the 12th Century, is the oldest continuously used piece in the entire English royal regalia.

The spoon is used to apply holy anointing oil onto the sovereign during his or her coronation. This replica commemorates the coronation of Queen Victoria’s son Edward VII. The decoration is exquisite and extremely intricate. Made in London/Essex UK in 1952 by Walter Edward King.

It's in wonderful condition. Good clear hallmarks. The marks read W.E.K followed by a date letter R, leopard's head, lion and Queen's bust. This tells us that it was made in 1952 in London (/Essex was where the shop was) by Walter Edward King.

English sterling silver anointing spoon
Maker:   Walter Edward King
Location:   London/Essex UK
Marks:   English sterling silver anointing spoon mark
Material:   Sterling silver
Date:   1952
Approximate size:   4 1/2 inches
Weight:   Avoirdupois: 0.45 oz
Troy: 0.41 oz
Condition:   Excellent
Monogram:   none
buy now Price: sold
Item number: 140724-11
Listed by: SMP

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