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Item number: 20170302-01
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William G. deMatteo
Hand crafted
Sauce boat

Sterling Silver
8.0 inches wide
Excellent condition

Sterling deMatteo Gravy boat

William Gaetano deMatteo, 1895 - 1981 is considered to have been one of New York's finest mid-century silversmiths. His hand wrought silver is always of fine quality. Another of his great achievements was training his son, William L deMatteo, as a silversmith. William L. deMatteo became the first master silversmith at Colonial Williamsburg.

William Gaetano deMatteo, was born in Italy and came the U.S. as a boy. He was first interested in medicine but made a chance visit to a silversmith's shop which changed his life's direction. He apprenticed at Reed & Barton and opened his own business in 1919 and moved that business to Bergenfield in 1921. Over the years, deMatteo and his son were commissioned to design and make presentation silver for every president since Kennedy, for whom deMatteo reproduced the famous Paul Revere lanterns to hang in the Oval Office. Presentation silver has been made for many foreign dignitaries as well. He produced hand wrought trays, tea sets, centerpieces, etc. until his retirement in 1968.

Maker:   William Gaetano deMatteo
Maker's marks:   sterling deMatteo  marks
Material:   Sterling Silver
Date:   before 1968
Approximate size:   8.0 inches wide, 3.25 inches tall
Weight:   Avoirdupois: 12.52 ozs.
Troy: 11.41 ozs.
Condition:   Excellent
Monogram:   none
buy Price: $475.00
Item number: 20170302-01
Listed by: SMP

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