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Item number: 20170302-03
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Jules Brenner
Sterling Pin

Very collectable
Excellent condition
2 inch size

Sterling Jules Brenner pin

Jules Brenner (1917-1991), a native of New York City, began his career as a painter and sculptor, but later, after working with Ed Wiener in Provincetown, turned to jewelry-making as his main focus. Beginning in 1953, he had a store in Greenwich Village located on MacDougal Street not far from the coffee houses between Third and Eighth Streets where he created modernist pieces, mostly in silver. In 1963, he moved his shop to Lexington Avenue and began working in gold, casting many pieces using the lost-wax process. His early work was more in the constructionist style. His later work are considered to be more surrealistic and biomorphic. His pieces were either limited production or one of a kind. He moved permanently to Provincetown in 1974 where he worked until his death in 1991.

Maker:   Jules Brenner
Jueles Brenner
Maker's marks:   sterling Brenner mark
Material:   Sterling silver w/beads
Date:   Before 1991
Approximate size:   2.0 inches x 2.375 inches
Weight:   Avoirdupois: 0.56 ozs.
Troy: 0.51 ozs.
Condition:   Excellent
Monogram:   none
buy Price: $375.00
Item number: 20170302-03
Listed by: SMP

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