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buy Price: $150.00
Item number: 20180402-01
Listed by: SMP

5 Narcissus
cocktail forks

Made by
Unger Brothers

5.75 inches. 2.19 troy ozs.
Sterling Silver
Excellent condition

Knowles knife rose

Unger Brothers of Newark, New Jersey ceased production of silver articles in 1914. These sterling cocktail forks are in the Narcissus pattern which is indicative of the Art Nouveau patterns made by Unger. The forks are in excellent condition.

Maker:   Unger Brothers
Location:   Newark, New Jersey
Marks:   unger makers mark
Pattern:   Narcissus pattern
Material:   Sterling Silver
Date:   before 1914
Size   Length 5.75 inches
Weight:   Avoirdupois: 2.4 ozs.
Troy: 2.19 ozs.
Condition:   Excellent
Monogram:   none
buy Price: $150.00
Item number: 20180402-01
Listed by: SMP

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