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buy Price: $400.00
Item number: 20210725-01
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Emilia Castillo

Palm pattern sterling coffee spoons - Frank M. Whiting Co.

Emilia Castillo is the daughter of renowned Mexican silversmith Antonio Castillo and is an artist in her own right. This lovely silverplated candelabra rises up from a hammered base in a swirl of metal from which two twisted arms emerge. At the junction where the arms emerge lies a leopard lounging on several leaves likely comprised of inlaid malachite. The piece is marked on the bottom of the base with a disk inserted in green felt. The candelabra is in excellent condition. It is 15.5 inches tall. The hammered base is 7.5 inches wide and 5.25 inches deep. The arm span is 11.75 inches.

Maker:   Emilia Castillo
Location:   Mexico
Material:   Siverplate
Date:   circa 1980
Size   15.5 inches tall
Weight (total):   Avoirdupois: 54.6 ozs.
Troy: 49.77 ozs.
Condition:   Excellent
Monogram:   none
buy Price: $400.00
Item number: 20210725-01
Listed by: SMP

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