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Dirk Van Erp Silverplate meat tray
Good condition

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Dirk Van Erp was a one of the premier metalsmiths of the Arts and Crafts movement in the early 20th Century. Originally from the Netherlands, he immigrated to the United States in 1890, moving to California in 1900. He opened the Art Copper Shop in 1908 in Oakland and began exhibiting his work and gaining notoriety. Dirk retired in 1929 and died in 1933, but his son, William continued operating the shop until 1977. The consensus is that Dirk worked exclusively in copper while William branched out into silverplate and sterling. That said, this tray is more likely attributable to William rather than Dirk. It includes the "Handwrought" mark which William began using sometime after 1929.

This silverplate tray is accompanied by a wood meat juice drainer that fits nicely into the tray. The silverplate tray and wood drainer are both in good condition. There are some minor places where the silverplate has worn down to copper due to normal use, but this doesn't show because it is under the wooden insert.

Maker:   Dirk Van Erp
Location:   San Francisco, California
Marks:   example pages
Material:   Silverplate with wood insert
Date:   mid 20th century
Size (overall):   18.0 inches length
12.5 inches width
1.0 inch height
Weight:   Silverplate: ≅ 5.0 lbs. Avoirdupois
Wood: ≅ 3.0 lbs. Avoirdupois
Condition:   Good
buy now Price: $500.00
Item number: 220729-01
Listed by: SMP


buy now Price: $500.00
Item number: 220729-01
Listed by: SMP

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