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Speakers Bureau

Program Coordinators of Libraries, Museums, Social Clubs, Professional Associations and Schools who are looking for an interesting program for their institution should consider a program about silver. Silver has been adored by mankind since the beginning of time. Archeologists have recovered ancient objects of silver which are more than 6,000 years old. Silver has historically served as a medium for storing and displaying wealth. The story of silver is the story of mankind. It is full of colorful characters and fascinating traditions. To us, a life without silver is a dull life, indeed. From the humble spoon to the elegant tea service, there is something about silver for everyone. Indulge yourself. You deserve it!

Topics span a wide range of silver related subjects. The topics can be customized to suit the needs of your organization. Presentations can be tailored to your timeframe as well as to the level of interest and expertise of a wide range of audiences. Here are some topics that you may want to consider:

  • Collecting Antique Silver for Fun and Profit
  • Caring for Silver
  • Identifying and Evaluating Silver
  • The Silver Plate Industry in America
  • Whatzit - a fun collection of ???
  • Antiques and the Internet
  • The Silver of Tiffany
  • The Silver of Gorham
  • The Derby Silver Company
  • Making Silver Flatware and Holloware
  • The Individual Silversmith's Art
  • Is it Really Silver/Gold?
  • What to Expect from a Professional Appraisal
  • Tableware and Manners from Bygone Times
  • International Marks found on Silver
  • The History of Ameican Silver
  • Silver/Gold Folklore
  • What Have You Got?
  • How to Shop for Silver

Contact us to discuss your subject/topic requirements.

Our select group of speakers and presenters is headed up by Scott and June Martin who have been avid admirers and collectors of silver for over ten years. They have been assembling an impressive reference library on the subject for some time and take great pleasure in sharing their expertise. Together they authored The Book of Silver; Flatware Silver Marks and Patterns. Mr. Martin's publications also include a silver exhibition checklist for the Museum of the City of New York and The Guide to Evaluating Gold and Silver Objects for Appraisers, Dealers & Collectors. He has also appeared on Personal FX on the Fox Cable Network and has been a guest lecturer for the American Appraisers Association. Mr. Martin has a BFA in Interdisciplinary Studies from the California Institute of the Arts and is a graduate of New York University's Appraisal Studies Program in Fine and Decorative Arts. Mrs. Martin is a Certified Public Accountant when not pursuing her love of silver. Mr. Martin is a founding board member and past Secretary of the New York Silver Society and both Scott and June are current members of the New York Silver Society as well as the Silver Society of London.

To discuss scheduling a program, email us at or call 212-246-5060.

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