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SM Publications is pleased to act as sponsor/coordinator for the
Silver Salon Tours®.

All around the world there are large and small collections and exhibitions of silver. Silver Salon Tours® will arrange for our Silver Salon Forum participants to attend special tours of these collections and exhibitions. Most often the Silver Salon Tours® are conducted by a curator, historian or silver expert, thereby providing a unique insight to collections and exhibitions.

Our most recent Silver Salon Tours of exhibitions at the Royal Ontario Museum New-York Historical Society, the Newark Museum and at the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute were fabulous and very insightful. Even if you missed these extraordinary Silver Salon Tours, be sure to catch these wonderful exhibitions; for more information click here.

Suggest a Silver Salon Tour®

Silver Salon Tours is interested in sponsoring/coordinating additional events. If you would like to recommend an exhibition, a gallery, private collection, manufacturing facility, a reference library, etc. for a tour. Please let us know what you would recommend for a future tour.[click here]

We will be announcing Upcoming
Silver Salon Tours®
So book mark this page and check back soon!!

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