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How To Post Photos in the Silver Salon Forums

Special Notice

You may select various methods for hosting
photos/images to post in the Silver Salon Forums

  • We prefer you use the Silver Salon Forums Photo Gallery (aka: SSFPG).
    For Step by Step Instructions (4 basic steps) see How to Post Photos in the SSFPG.

  • Alternatively you could use a third party image hosting site.
    There are many different third party image hosting sites (ie., PictureTrail, TinyPic)
    There can be issues; to avoid any issues use the SSFPG.

  • Alternatively you could use your own ISP provided storage (i.e., your own internet server storage).

The Basics

  1. Start with photos on your PC that clearly illustrate the features and marks that will support the text of your post.
  2. Note: This step is NOT necessary when using the SSFPG.
    Adjust the images to an appropriate size for posting
    (no larger than 640 pixels wide at 72 dpi).
  3. Upload your images/photos to the Silver Salon Forums Photo Gallery.
    Alternatively upload your photos/images to a public Internet server (ISP storage or Image hosting site) which permits third party sites to display images.
  4. In your Silver Salon Forum post paste the image link.
    Use the Internet server address (URL) for your photo/image including the Silver Salon Forum img code tags. When pasting the photo/image link into your post it would look something like:
[img] [/img]

The Basics Expanded

1. Tips/suggestions on photographing silver

Tips to photographing can be found in several SSF threads (no particular order):
2. Image editing and sizing

The photo/image you post shouldn't exceed 640 pixels in width. Not to worry when using the SSFPG since it automatically sizes photos/images for posting.

Please use the SSFPG - Silver Salon Forums Photo Gallery click here for step by step instructions.

If you are going to use the SSFPG - Silver Salon Forums Photo Gallery you may now stop reading this page.

When using your ISP provided storage or an Image Hosting site, you need to edit and size your images for proper posting: Maximum images size is 640 pixels wide.

There are many different image editing programs. You may use one that came with your PC and/or with your digital camera/scanner, or you can download one of the many free image editing software programs or use an online image editing site. Here are some forum members recommendations:
Online image/photo editing: Use the image editing software to do the following:
  • Trim the image of any unnecessary background, white space, or borders, so you are left with just the part you want to show.
  • If a feature such as a hallmark is hard to see, then try to enlarging the image pixel width.
  • Not all image file formats will display in all browsers. All the browsers we are familiar with, will properly display jpeg, jpg, png & gif files.
  • Use the information (properties, image size) tab or sub-tab in the Image editing software to determine the size and DPI of your picture.
    Please make sure your images don't exceed a maximum size of 640 pixels wide at 72 dpi. See WEV's 4 steps to resizing

3. Copy your photos to a public Internet server
To use images/photos in your SSF post the images/photos must be stored on a public Internet server host for viewing by anyone at anytime. (Photos/images on your PC are NOT viewable by anyone at anytime. Images/photos on your PC must be moved to a public Internet server.)

If you already know how to put images on the Internet you should be aware of the third party displaying issue that could result in your images not appearing in your SSF post. See the box under Image Hosting Sites for further information.

If you are new to posting images on the Internet (which is different than emailing images) then the best way to include images in your SSF post really depends on your personal goals.

First timers with only a few images to post usually find using the SSFPG or one of the Image Hosting sites easiest.

On the other hand, if you are going to be doing many SSF posts with many images/photos it is recommended that you only use the SSFPG. Alternatively, you will find using the space provided (usually free) by your ISP is often good.

Image Hosting sites:

First timers will find using the SSFPG quickest & easy. Alternatively, one of the Image Hosting sites can be a quick and easy way to add images/photos to their SSF post. Most of these sites will alet you move your images/photos from your PC to their host.

Important note: Not all Image Hosting sites are alike. Some do not permit third parties to display your images thereby preventing the images/photos from appearing in the Silver Salon Forums post. Geocities is an example of a site that causes problems. Also many of the sites limit how many images or for how long the images will remain on their host for free.

Many SSF members recommend using: The above recommendations are about to change see: Not silver - Internet privacy - behavioral tracking & manipulation

ISP image hosting:

Most ISP's basic service plans include online storage that can be used for a personal web page and image/photo hosting. Since you are paying for it why not use it? Also it usually is significantly better and will store many more images than one of the free image hosting sites.

Some ISP's provide you with automatic image/photo uploading from your PC to their Host. Others require that you use an FTP program to upload your images/photos from your PC to your ISP storage space. FTP = File Transfer Program. FTP is used to transfer your images/photos from your PC to your ISP Internet server space. Members recommend using the following "free"/"free to try" FTP programs:
4. Silver Salon Forum img code tags

To add an image/photo in your post, just encase the URL address of the image/photo as shown in the following example (the SSF code tags are in red). Note: HTML is not permitted.


In the above example, the SSF [img] [/img] tags automatically make the graphic visible in your SSF posted message. Note: the "http://" part of the URL is REQUIRED. Between the opening [img] tag and the closing [/img] tag there can be no spaces anywhere. After the closing [/img] add a carriage return.

One last note:
If you make a mistake - don't worry because you can edit your post and make any needed corrections just by clicking on the edit post icon edit post icon.

Please email any additional questions, comments or suggestions to:

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