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Author Topic:   Arts & Crafts Movement Metal

Posts: 1070
Registered: Jun 99

iconnumber posted 07-04-2013 09:55 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for FredZ     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
Darcy Evon of Chicago has done over 10 years of first hand research and will be publishing her book this November.

"Hand Wrought Arts & Crafts Metalwork and Jewelry: 1890-1940" should prove to be a great resource book for all interested in American metalwork of the period covered.
Hardback book published by Schiffer.
    ISBN-13: 9780764344855
    ISBN-10: 0764344854
    Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
    Publish Date: November 2013
    Page Count: 272

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Scott Martin
Forum Master

Posts: 11477
Registered: Apr 93

iconnumber posted 07-04-2013 10:50 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Scott Martin     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

Thanks so much. I did not know this is about to be released.

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Posts: 1070
Registered: Jun 99

iconnumber posted 01-28-2014 07:57 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for FredZ     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
The book has been printed and should be available soon. I am so anxious to see and devour all that Darcy has poured into it. It is certain to be a great reference in any library on American metal and those who crafted it.

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Posts: 227
Registered: Aug 2005

iconnumber posted 01-28-2014 02:49 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for chicagosilver     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote
This is an incredible book, filled with great examples, histories, marks, and other hard-to-find information on A&C metalwork (full disclosure -- we contributed a number of photos, but have no financial interest in it). Darcy has done a truly amazing job.

Below is a scan of the names listed in her Index. There may be some typos (scanos?) in the list but you can see the extraordinary depth and breadth of her coverage. If you've been hunting for info on these makers, the wait is over.

Addams, Jane
Adler and Sullivan
American Federation of the Arts
Andersen, B.B., and Gustav E.
Anderson, Anders H., and Louise, and Margaret, and Sven Wilhelm
Applied Arts, Summer School (Chicago), and Wisconsin Society of
Art Alliance of America
Artcraft Jewelry Shop
Art Craft Institute
Art Institute of Chicago (AIC)
Artists' Guild (Chicago)
Art Metal Studios
Arts Club of Chicago
Art Silver Shop
Arts and Crafts Co., Inc. (Louisville)
Arts and Crafts Shop, The, (Cleveland) and Racine, WI
Arts and Crafts, Society of, Boston, MA, and Chicago, IL , and Dayton, OH, and Detroit, MI, and Grand Rapids, MI, and Indianapolis, IN, and Kansas City, MO, and Minneapolis, MN, and Portland, OR, and Washington, DC
Aschjem, Ole N.
Ashbee, Charles R.
Attic Club, The
Aurora Silver Plate Co.
Axness, Bjarne
Babcock, Eugennia
Bager, Ernest
Barck, Helena
Barnum, Frances
Barry Workshop (Cedar Rapids)
Bassett, Agnes
Batchelder, Ernest
Belknap, Elizabeth
Benbow, William E.
Bending, Edward A.
Bennett, Bessie
Berg, Peter L.
Berry, Albert and Wilfred
Bevis, Mildred B.
Beye, Hannah C.
Bichele, Charles
Billiken Company, and Florence Pretz
Blakeslee, Mary
Blanke, Esther, and Marie
Bock, Richard W.
Bokor, Edmund
Borsum, Eivind J.
Bower, Robert R.
Bowles, Janet Payne
Boyden, Frank S., and Boyden-Minuth
Boyle, Harold
Bracken, Julia
Bradley Polytechnic Institute
Brandt Metal Crafters, and Brandt Jewelry Co., and Herman, and Hugo
Brennan's Little Copper Shop, and David J., and John J.
Breese, Edward H., and Eric, and Willis
Brochon Engraving Company
Brooks, William N.
Bruce, Barbour, and Preston P.
Bryant, Nettie
Budde, Albert T.
Burnham, Daniel
Burton, John Sidney
Cabin Craft
Campbell, James W.
Carence Crafters, The
Carlsen, Harold S.
Carson and Barnum
Caruso, Frank
Cederborg, Nils O. L.
Cellini Craft and Cellini Shop
Chadbourne, Emily Crane
Cheney, Anne L.B., and Mary Moulton
Chicago Academy of Fine Arts
Chicago Art Metal Works
Chicago Art Silver Shop
Chicago Artists' Guild
Chicago Monogram Works
Chicago School of Architecture
Chicago Silver Company
Chicago Society of Decorative Arts
Clayter, Frederic C.
Cliff Dwellers, The
Cleveland School of Art
Clute, Beulah Mitchell
Codman, John, and William Christmas, and William Jr.
Coe, Edna
Colarossi, Alessandro G.
Colnik, Cyril
Colonial Village at the 1933 World's Fair
Colony Crafts
Columbus School of Arts and Crafts
Comstock, John Adams and Catherine
Conklin, Ida P.
Conkright, Charlotte Pearl and the Carence Crafters
Conrad, William
Cook, John H.
Cordon Club
Cosio, Clemencia C.
Coulter, Mary Jenks
Coultas, Wilhelmina
Cox, Agnes Dyer
Craftsman's Guild (Highland Park, IL)
Crain, Helen Louise
Crane, William
Craver, Margret
Cunningham, Katherine
Curtiss, Charles C. and the Fine Arts Building
Davis, Charles Percy, and Edgar C.
Deane, Dorothy and the Jarvie Shop
Deerfield Valley Arts Association (MA)
Deknatel, Frederick H.
Detroit Institute of Arts
Dexter, Nathaniel E.
Dial, The
Dickson, Mabel Conde
Didrich, Carl Henry (Didrichsen)
Dingeldein, Otto F.
Dixon, Eda Lord Young
Dolese, Minnie, and Rose
Donaldson, Douglas, and Ethel, and Louise Towle
Doughty, Anna / Anne Pond
Dufour, George H.
Duncan, Arthur W., and Duncan Studios
Dyer Arts and Crafts Shop, and Charles B.
Easterling and Mulholland Brothers
Ellsworth, Evelyn P.
Elmslie, George G., and Louise
Eicher, Asta, and Henri
Elverhoj Art Colony
Evans, Dulah Marie / Krehbiel
Favor, Ruhl & Company
Fine Arts Building (Chicago)
Flagg, Maurice
Flinn, Clara C.
Fogliata, Annibale
Forest Craft Guild
Fort Sheridan occupational program
Foster, F.E. and Company
Frame, Esther Mabel
Frazer, Arthur
Frederick, William
Freeman, Russell
Freyermuth, Harry, and Scarab Studio
Friederang, Max
Friedman, Isadore V.
Froelich, Hugo, and Eva
Frost, George W. and the Frost Arts and Crafts Workshops
Garden, Mary L.
Gerlach Ernest, and Walter
Germer, George E.
Gerow, Grace
Girvan, Ednah Sherman / Higginson
Glander Copper, and Erhard
Glessner, Frances M.
Goffe, Louise
Goldberger, Ernest
Gomez, Raymundo
Googerty, Thomas F.
Gorham Manufacturing Co.
Gospodaric, Mimi
Gould, Ernest
Grable's Art and Gift Shop
Grag, Hans
Green Duck Manufacturing Company
Grimm, Ralph O.
Grover, Edwin Osgood
Guenther, Edwin E.
Guild of the Arts and Crafts (San Francisco)
Gustafson Craft, and Knut L.
Guysi, Jeannette
Hackley Manual Training School
Hadlow, Blakeslee and Smedley
Haga, Krisfoffer
Hallmark Store (Evanston)
Hanck, Matthias W., and Hanck's Art Jewelry Shop
Handicraft Guild
Handicraft Shop of Northland College, and Nathaniel B. Dexter
Handy and Harman
Haskins, Marion B.
Hausen, Herman
Hayden, Fredericka E.
Hayes, Theodora
Hazen, Grace
Hazenplug, Frank
Heap, Jane
Heisser, Margareth
Herbert, Charles A.
Heuermann, Magda
Higginson, Augustus, and Ednah Girvan, and Frances
Hines Doughty Co., and Anne P. Doughty
Hill, Anna Wyers, and Louise
Hipp and Coburn
Hoftrup, Julian Lars
Holden, Bertha Lynde
Holz, Ferdinand
Horway, Ole
Hull-House, and Labor Museum, and Shops
Hurley, Edward T.
Hyman and Company
Iglehart, Margaret Ellen
Illinois State Reformatory for Boys
Industrial Arts Magazine
Interlaken School
Irwin, Annette and William J.
Jensen, Georg USA
Jarvie, Robert Riddle, and the Jarvie Shop
Jauchen, Hans
Jewelry Craft, Fort Sheridan
Johansen, Einar
Johnson, Alfred
J. Milhening
Juergens and Andersen
Julmat, The
Kalo Shop, and School of the Kalo Workshops, and Kalo Arts Crafts Community House
Kellogg, Claudia E.
Kenilworth Gift Shop, The
Kichura, Walter
Kirk, Arthur N.
Klapp, Elinor
Knowlton, Florence
Koch, Karl H.
Koehler, Florence D.
Krayle Company and workshops
Krehbiel, Dulah Evans
Kronquist, Emil E.
Kupjack, Eugene
Lache, Albert R.
Lackritz, P. N.
Lavaron, Leonide C.
Lebolt and Company
Lewis Institute
Lewy Brothers
Lindgren, Victor
Little Review, and The Little Room
Lloyd, Ethel Spencer
Loomis, Kate
Loomwood Crafts Shop
Loukacheff, Ivan
Luther, Jessie, and Mabel Wilcox
Lutwyche, Arthur F.
Mann, Forrest Emerson
Manca, Albino
Marshall Field and Company
Martin, Walter
Mandel Brothers
Mayer, Julie
McBirney, Hugh J.
McCormick, Elizabeth Day
McLaughlin, Mary Louise
McMaster, Hope
McNeal, Bessie, and Helen F.
Meacham, Esther L.
Meyer, Bjarne
Meyer, William J. / Myers / Meyers, and William Kollman
Michie, Harry S.
Mickel, Adelaide
Miller, Delle H.
Millet, Louis J.
Milwaukee-Downer College
Minneapolis Handicraft Guild, and Institute of Arts, and School of Fine Arts
Minuth, Fred C.
Moe, Carl / Karl A.
Monash, Charles
Montgomery, Alberta
Morgan, Anna
Morrison, Anna B.
Morse, Metta, and T. Vernette
Morris, William
Morton, Johannes
Mulholland Brothers, David E., and Walter S.
Mushroom Club and Shop, The
Myers, Essie H.
Myers, William J.
Myhre, Arne M.
National Society of Craftsmen
Neale, Arthur
Needham, Frank S.
Northland College, Handicraft Shop of
Novick, Falick
Oak Park Art League, and Guild of Applied Arts
Odd Kraft Shop (Chicago), and Odd Kraft Studio
Odd Shop (DesMoines)
Ogden, Caroline Seton
Ohio Mechanics' Institute
Olin, Henry
Olsson, Enoch, and the Thorne Rooms, and Yngve
O'Marah, Joseph Edward
Oneida Silversmiths
Orno Shop, The
Palmer, Bertha Honore
Payne, Arthur F
Peacock, C. D.
Peattie, Elia
Pedersen, Daniel
Perera, Edgar L.
Petrussen, Axel
Peterson, Gunnard A., and Harry E.
Petterson, John Pontus, and Petterson Studios, and John C.
Pewabic Pottery
Podgorski, Leonard E.
Pond, Theodore Hanford
Popelka, Joseph
Posey, Sarah
Potter, Horace E., and Potter-Mellen
Pratt Jeannette, and Calista, and Pratt Studio, and Institute
Preston, Jessie M.
Pretz, Florence
Putnam, Annie
Racine School of Fine Arts
Randahl Shop, The, and Julius O.
Raymond, Ruth
Reade, Christia M.
Regnier, Maria
Richardson, Frederick
Rokesley Shop, The
Rookwood Pottery
Rorheimer, Louis
Rouse, Dorothy
Roycroft School, and Roycrofters
Ruskin, John
Ryden, Henning
Sacher, Amy M.
Sachs, Herman
St. John, Angelina
St. Louis Metalcrafts
Sandberg, Frederick W.
Sargent, Irene
Scarab Studio
Scott, Arthur, and James
Sears, Jeanette (Mann)
Seror, Albert
Severence, Clara M.
Shellabarger, Lucien C.
Sheridan, Edith
Sherman Shop
Shreve and Co.
Skelly, Gladys G.
Smedley, Ruth
Smith, W.D. Silver Company
Sorensen, Henry Richard
Spaulding and Company, and Spaulding-Gorham
Spelman, John A.
Spicer, Anne Higginson
Spies Brothers
Stagg, Louise
Starr, Ellen Gates
Stein, Lucile D.
Stephan, Wilhelmina
Stepanieko, Peter
Stickley Brothers
Stickley, Gustav
Stone, Arthur
Stout Institute
Strater, Henry A.
Strum, Robert E.
Studio, The, and Helen McNeal
Sullivan, Louis
Sutcliffe, Isabel Ray
Swastica Shop, The
Tatman, Inc.
Taylor, Homer, and Isadore P.
TC Shop, The
Thayer and Chandler
Thresher, Brainerd B.
Thwait, Anna
Tiffany and Co.
Thorne Miniature Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago
Todd, Emery W.
Towle Silversmiths
Toynbee Hall
Train, Eugene
Trautmann, George H.
Tree, Lambert, and Studio Building
Tre-O Shop
Trost, Edward
Tupper, Luella
Twose, George M. R.
Ulbricht, Elsa
University of Pennsylvania School of Fine Arts
Upham, Elizabeth G. (Davis)
Utley, Blanche M.
Veterans Craft Exchange
Volund Crafts Shop
Volund Shop
Wadley, Clarence W.
Waite, Ella
Walter Reed Hospital, occupational program
Ware, Amy Robbins, and the Orchard Crafts Guild
Wargny, Armand
Wassail, Joseph
Watkins, Mildred
Watson, Dudley Crafts
Watson, Lee M.
Weaver, Florence, and Weaver and Tupper
Wehde, Albert
Weinz, Victor
Welles, Clara Pauline Barck, and Building, and George Sill
Wendell and Co.
Willets, Florence D.
Willie, Clarence
Wilro Shop, The
Winn, James H.
Winquist, Knute A.
Wood, Grant D. ,and Florence Weaver, and William
Woodworth, Margery
Wooley, James
World's Fair 1893, and 1904, and 1933
Wright, Frank Lloyd
Wrigley, William Jr.
Wrought-Right / Marshall Field and Co.
Wynne, Madeline Yale
Yale, Julian
Ye Arts and Crafts Shop
Ye Gyfte Shoppe, and Louise D. Hill
Yellin, Samuel
Young, Peter
Yubie Shop, The
Zerrin, Edmund C.
Zodiac, The
Zolnay, George

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Scott Martin
Forum Master

Posts: 11477
Registered: Apr 93

iconnumber posted 09-21-2021 10:46 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Scott Martin     Edit/Delete Message   Reply w/Quote

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