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Gorham.1929.11 viewsDiameter 11.25"03/16/17 at 22:52DCinIndy: 11.25" diameter
Thunderswamp_Kings pattern concave shell11 viewsNew member question regarding date & origin of Kings silverplate 4th and last attachment03/06/17 at 00:34thunderswamp: Attachment #4 of 4 for question under new member i...
Thunderswamp_Kings-KELLEY hallmark8 viewsKings pattern forks - hallmark in question 03/06/17 at 00:30thunderswamp: Attachment #3 for question under new member introd...
Thunderswamp_King-Morris2.jpg7 viewsPersonalized inscription on Kings pattern forks03/06/17 at 00:27thunderswamp: Attachment #2 for question under new member introd...
Thunderswamp_King-Morris1.jpg7 viewsInscription backside of King pattern forks - Morris 4003/06/17 at 00:25thunderswamp: Attachment #1 for question under new member introd...
1 views03/03/17 at 11:04Ulysses Dietz: Halsted & Myers Coffee pot 1763-65
Detail of Gorham tray 18932 views03/03/17 at 10:40Ulysses Dietz: Detail of Gorham exposition tray, 1893
2 views03/03/17 at 10:38Ulysses Dietz: Gorham, 1893, for Chicago World's Fair
Star Mystery marks8 viewsHi. I am a new member and was hoping that someone could help me with a couple of 'mystery' marks. I'll post a couple of photos, and hopefully someone will have some information on either of the marks. Thank you . Debi02/23/17 at 21:34duhlig53: Hi. I am a new member and was hoping that someone ...
Mystery marks4 viewsMarks on silver pieces.02/23/17 at 21:27duhlig53: I would appreciate anyone's input on a couple...
Philip Syng Jr's son3 viewsI think this is the missing hallmark of Philip Syng Jr's son. When I discovered this wonderful scene next to the slanted PS hallmark I had to laugh. 01/14/17 at 02:31aokart: The Indian with scull tomahawk, Horse, a pig or ra...
trying to identify maker on large spoon 1 views12/18/16 at 13:19cbc58: trying to identify maker of spoon - also wondering...
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