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We are a community. Our Silver Salon Forums Guidelines come down to one word: Respect. We are volunteers who enjoy the pleasure of the company of like-minded people who are also infected with the silver bug, and sharing knowledge is part of that pleasure. Taking advantage of this knowledge for commercial purposes is disrespectful and is not tolerated. We don't provide valuation information -- even to well-intentioned non-commercial visitors. If you think your question might cross the line, please read our Guidelines (click here).

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    • And why you are posting.
    - We're not being snoopy; knowing will help us help you and to welcome you to our small community.

  2. Post a picture
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    • Everything you need to know can be found in
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    • If you can't take a photo, try a drawing.

    Note: If you have a problem posting a photo, that is OK, we will remove your mistake & then make suggestions so you can try again.