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There are many different Silver Salon Forums for learning, researching and sharing information about Collecting Silver, Silversmiths, Jewelry, Flatware, Holloware, Antiques and anything relating to Silver & Gold. Post your questions & get answers about your silver. Click here

Request the FREE Tiffany or Gorham marks pocket guides

All the Gorham or Tiffany maker's and date marks in one convenient to use pocket guide. These guides are not available anywhere else. Click here to tell us where to send you the freepocket guides.

The Guide to Evaluating Gold & Silver Objects
"The Guide" is the definitive reference on determining precious metal content in antiques and jewelry. Any dealer, collector, appraiser or silversmith will appreciate the numerous approaches to testing for precious metal content. How and when to perform these tests (simple "no tools or chemicals", acid/touchstone, hand held electronic, advanced scientific, and many others) is shown to the reader in simple to understand steps. See examples online.

The Book of Silver; Flatware Silver Marks & Patterns
The Martins' system for researching and cataloging American Sterling Silver flatware is fast becoming the standard. Their unique approach allows for the most up to date information to be at your finger tips. The photography is the most detailed of any reference available today. Every subscriber to The Book of Silver may also contribute his own research for publication in the Book of Silver.    See samples pages online.

A visit with Betty Cooke, designer, silversmith
Betty Cooke, designer, silversmith is a living legend in modernist jewelry genre. Many of her designs have been made and in demand for decades. Her body of work is impressive and keeps growing. See the story & photos online (click here).

Our visit with Robert Butler silversmith
We had the opportunity to visit the silversmith workshop of Robert A. Butler. His workshop is impressive as well as the many beautiful items. Robert is an accomplished smith with works in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. See the photos online (click here). See Robert's latest commission: The Martin Cheese Scoop (click here)

Our visit to Old Newbury Crafter's
We had the distinct pleasure of being given a tour of the Old Newbury Crafter's' facility by silversmith, Geoffrey T. Blake. Each piece of flatware is literally made by hand. To demonstrate, Mr. Blake invited us to watch as he began to make a spoon in the Oakleaf pattern. See the photos online.

A Collector's View®
It seems as if there is a collector for everything. It takes a collectors view to discover the unique, interesting, bizarre and fascinating aspects of everyday objects.

Speakers Bureau     
Speakers are available on a large variety of silver and antiques topics. Topics include How to Start a Collection, Fakes and Forgeries, Determining a Value, Folklore, Victoriana Silver Whatzits, Jewelry..... Other topics may be suggested. Click here to find out more.

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